RV Design Lab: Breaking Down our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Team’s New Logo

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) team recently rolled out their official logo (pictured below)but why would an internal team create their own logo and branding, you ask? There’s more to these shapes and colors than meets the eye. Read below to learn more about the story behind the new logo from our Chief Diversity Officer Khemari Cook, and get a glimpse into its design process with Senior Creative Producer Shawn Cetrone.

This is the logo!

Breaking Down the WHY

Since becoming Chief Diversity Officer of Red Ventures in 2021, Khemari Cook has led RV with a clear vision and passion for making our organization a more inclusive, diverse, and enjoyable place to work for all employees. We asked her why this logo was so significant and what this change means going forward.

MH: What is the significance of the new logo?

KC: When the DEI team came together to begin the design of our new logo, we centered on what we believe our team represents within RV – empathy, trust, inspiration, intention and collaboration. We also reflected on how we want people to feel when it comes to our work, which culminated in the desire for RVers to feel heard, seen, engaged, valued and empowered. Recognizing that we are better together, we chose a logo that symbolizes the importance of embracing our differences to create something we are proud of. Through collaboration, openness and action, we all bring the best out of one another. The overlapping layers of the logo colors and letters embody the uniqueness and complexity of individuality that we each hold and bring into the spaces in which we live and work.

MH: Why did the team decide it was time for a logo? 

KC: Our DEI work is woven into our culture and integrated across our portfolio of businesses. Whether it’s through programming, content creation or sharing key insights, we believe it’s important that employees know when our team is involved and that the information they are consuming is in alignment with our DEI mission.

MH: What does the future of DEI at RV look like to you? 

KC: Our goal is not to be perfect – it is to get better every day and to drive sustainable change. We know that change won’t happen overnight, and that we’re committing to a long journey. And while we commit to move the needle forward together, we recognize that each person must find their spot within the journey. Our job is to welcome diverse perspectives from all backgrounds, create the space for people to feel empowered and show up as their whole selves, and to provide the opportunity to grow and advance professionally. Progress is critical to our strategy for pursuing meaningful change.

Peeking Into the Creative Process

Senior Creative Producer Shawn Cetrone has been at RV for more than three years and has played a major role in many impactful creative projects – keep reading to find out why his work leading the creative aspect of this project was particularly reinvigorating for him.

MH: What went into the creation of the logo process?

SC: The logo was part of a suite of brand assets created to help the DEI team establish their own visual identity. The goal was for the brand vibe to feel like a distinct extension of the Red Ventures brand but also to reflect the incredible amount of mission-driven work the team is doing. 

We worked with brand designer Dominique Prescott of Dap Designz – she’s a highly experienced and brilliant artist, and as a former RVer who’s closely familiar with RV’s brand, culture and DEI work, she was the perfect partner for this project. We took an inclusive design approach and built with the DEI team involved throughout every step, from discovery all the way to delivery.

MH: Was there any inspiration for this logo?

SC: For inspiration, we looked to the DEI team’s key words: empathy, trust, inspiration, intention and collaboration. We felt it was important to keep people at the core of the concept. In creative work, every design has the potential to exclude or include, and we wanted the brand to highlight RV’s commitment to inclusion and equity.

MH: Can you break down the new logo for us? Are there any aspects we should pay special attention to? 

SC: Through the use of shapes, layers and color combinations, the logo highlights connections that are possible among us. It incorporates RV’s core brand colors (RV Red, Ideation Yellow, and Ever-changing Blue) and introduces two new colors – Empathy Green and Together Tangerine.

MH: How did it feel to finalize the logo?

SC: We were all thrilled with the result and the process. Brand design projects can easily drag on through rounds of revision and tweaking. This process wasn’t like that. I think that’s due to the inclusive and collaborative approach we took.

On our team, we talk a lot about the role of Creative in business – whether it’s design, illustration or filmmaking – and how we can best leverage it to solve problems, seize opportunities, and make an impact that matters. For me, projects like this one exemplify that role.  

Where You’ll Find the New Logo

To stay up to date on all things RV DEI and catch the new team logo in action, you’ll want to click that “follow” button on our social media feeds (@RedVentures)! Plus – our 2021-2022 DEI Annual Report is coming soon! Check back in a few weeks for our yearly updates on progress and representation, internal inclusion initiatives, and all the work we’re doing to Be the Change – both at work and beyond.

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