3 WFH Innovations We’re Launching To Support A Hybrid Environment

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We’ve all learned a lot about working from home in the last year – from how to keep productivity high to the importance of over-communicating (and the importance of hitting the “mute” button). 

As the world begins to re-open and we move closer to a new “hybrid” working environment (!), we’re unveiling a few innovations (still in beta) that our teams are working hard to make a reality.**

Hologram Desk Buddy

The hologram desk buddy is an innovative solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between teammates who opt to return to the office, and those who prefer to remain in their sweatpants remote. 

Hologram desk buddies can walk, talk, laugh, cry, and even come pre-programmed to make typing noises all day long. 

Disappointed that you didn’t get your annual office birthday celebration this year? Ask your desk buddy to sing you “Happy Birthday” in one of 18 languages, and enjoy a virtual slice of sheet cake at the end! (Hologram cake is for visual aesthetics only and is not recommended for human consumption.)

High-tech Sweatpants 

Sure, your current sweatpants are perfectly configured to support your comfortable workstyle. But in a hybrid world, sweatpants should do more

Featuring 2 terabytes of memory space and a new water-resistant design, these sweatpants bring a whole new meaning to “power suit.”  

Sync up these cozy sweats with Outlook and Slack, and never miss a notification again. Your pants will make sure you know when it’s time to stand, when it’s time to drink water, and when you’ve gone too long without human interaction. 

Also compatible with Zoom! If you speak while on mute, they’ll spray a warning odor guaranteed to get your attention. If you happen to accidentally stand within scope of your camera, they’ll blend into your virtual Zoom background. 

Hand wash only. Lay flat to dry.

Invisible Fence (AKA “The WFH Force Field”) 

Need to set some firmer boundaries between work and playtime? The Innovative Invisible Fence is the perfect solution. This tool emits a high-pitched sound only audible to children and animals and will keep them up to 50 feet away when activated. 

The force field itself is harmless to all of your home’s residents.

Oh, that high pitched sound? It’s just a loop of your favorite guilty-pleasure 80s tune, with the perfect amount of synth to ward off any nearby listener.  But don’t worry – the sound won’t be audible to anyone on your Zoom calls (they’ll never know about your Cyndi Lauper phase). 

**Did you enjoy this article? That’s great, but you should know that everything you’ve read is completely and entirely made up. Now that you’re here, why not share this post and prank your friends? April Fools!

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About the Author:

Ruth Russell | Associate Creative Producer

Ruth joined Red Ventures in 2016 as a Sales Professional and quickly transitioned to our nonprofit team, Road to Hire. She spent three years developing her social media and design skills and now works on the Corp Comm team running all of RV's social media platforms. She also has two cats.

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